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Exact Match Domains and Google Search

At the end of September Google’s head honcho, Matt Cutts, revealed that Google was rolling out a new algorithm update targeted to reduce low-quality, exact match domains in search results.

In case you’re wondering, an exact match domain is where the words in the domain match the main subject of the website, so accountants.com, yachtercharters.com, playpoker.com, etc, are possible candidates. So if your site has suddenly dropped down the page on keyword searches on Google, this may be the cause.

However the saving phrase in the Tweet is ‘low-quality’. If your site has a good quality ranking and links it will hopefully be unaffected. It might even improve it’s position.

If we can get into the Google brain we might find that one of the purposes of this update is to weed out micro-sites attached to a main website, just to target a particular keyword.

For example if you had the site organicfoods.com but were not getting ranked for ‘organic vegetables’ searches you may have been tempted to create the micro-site – organic-vegetables.com – pointing information to the main site. This may be the type of ‘low quality’ link Google are trying to mark down. But this is, of course, just me guessing.

If you are effected by this your site has fallen down the search rankings it’s a case of back to the basics through better quality incoming links, improving content quality and quantity, improving social media visibility, etc, etc . . .


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