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Draka wiring cable

Client Profile – Draka Cables

Category : Power Cables

Draka is a UK cable manufacturer producing power cables that cover a huge range of applications including:

  • House and building wiring cable
  • Low voltage supply for domestic premises
  • Fire resistant cable for commercial offices and businesses
  • Fire resistant armoured cable for public buildings such as retail parks, hospitals and sport stadiums
  • Armoured cables for railways and tunnel lighting
  • Signalling for motorways and airfields

Draka has invested in innovation to make sure all it’s cable products meet the requirements of the latest fire cable performance standards and produces a range of products to meet the needs of modern building and structures. Materials development is central to the Draka brand with products designed to meet the performance required by designers, installers and users.

Firetuf Cable – fire resistant cable which provides fire cable performance with low smoke and zero halogen properties for fire alarm systems.

Saffire Cable – zero halogen, low smoke cables for safety during fire, especially the safety of the public in buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, schools, underground stations and airports.

Wiring Cables – such as 6491X,  a single core, insulated PVC cable and 6242Y, a flat twin and earth cable have been developed to comply with British Standards and are matched to electrical power and control systems that we use for our every day lives.

Power Cables – from Firetuf FTP120 and Saffire BS6724 armoured power cable to the general BS5467 cable, all Draka power cables have been developed to meet or surpass British Standards but always with the installer in mind.

Draka is part of the Prysmian Group, a world leader in the energy and telecom cables industry, with more than 19,000 employees across many countries around the world. Draka is based at  Eastleigh in Hampshire.

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