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Client Profile – Aquasafe Powerboat School

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RYA Training School

We who live on this small island can’t go too far without encountering the sea, and many of us have sailed the waters around the British Isles. Some take this further and yachting or boating become regular hobbies.

But around our coasts are some of the most demanding seas in the world with changeable weather, large tides, strong currents, underwater obstacles and traffic, with the English Channel the busiest waterway in the world.

RYA Powerboat Courses

So if you plan to go on the water it’s probably a very good idea to learn some sea and boat skills form the experts. This is where Adam Wilson and his team at Aquasafe Powerboat School can help. Aquasafe have changed hundreds of land lubbers into competent seamen through their RYA powerboat courses. These teach all the basic seamanship skills of how to handle a powerful boat in the tricky waters of the Solent and Isle of Wight. They are part practical and part theory so you learn as well as having a lot of fun. Courses can be one day for a basic qualification, up to two or more days for a powerboat level 2 course and they keep groups small so there is plenty of time to practice and learn the neccesary skills.

RYA Powerboat Instructors


Aquasafe have a great group of instructors – all commercial skippers as well as instructors, some a bit older with years of experience, and some younger, but all are at the top of their game. This is important because with a top speed of around 30 knots (35mph) and the ability to tackle big seas, a RIB powerboat in the wrong hands could be very dangerous. So it seems all the more amazing that a qualification isn’t compulsory – like the national driving test – but for the recreational user it isn’t.

For the instructors it’s very different and School Principal, Adam Wilson, is both an RYA Yachtmaster Instructor and and RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor. He is also a commercially endorsed Yachtmaster Ocean – for both power and sail.

RYA Approved

The RYA or Royal Yachting Association, set the standards for training across a range a yachts, motor boats and powerboats and Aquasafe are a fully approved RYA powerboat school.

So if you are planning to go on the water, want to add a skill to your CV or just have some fun driving a fast powerboat a course at Aquasafe might be a good place to start.

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