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Client Spotlight – TLM Laser

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Industrial Lasers

Founded in January 2006, TLM-Laser Ltd are a laser service company, providing sales, service and maintenanceof industrial lasers. 

Lasers have been around for a long time – anyone of a certain age will remember James Bond narrowly escaping being lasered in half by the evil Goldfinger. But lasers have come a long way since then, and are now used in a range of tasks in industry including: Laser Cutting, Laser Marking and Laser Welding.

Of all these the most interesting is probably laser marking and engraving. This involves using lasers to engrave or mark an object, but it’s the variety, speed, accuracy and the permanence of laser marking that makes it very interesting for industry.

Laser marking on medical supplies

Lasers can be used to mark medical supplies, tools, metal components, aircraft parts and packaging as well as semiconductor materials found in radios, computers, telephones, and many other electronic devices.

In the motor industry lasers are marking everything from ball bearings to crankshafts, dashboard buttons to chassis numbers and engines.

Laser marked car component

Laser marked switch

 TLM-Laser supply a wide range of laser marking, cutting and welding machines as well as safety equipment, spare parts and fume extraction systems. They also provide laser safety training, consultancy and sub-contract laser marking.

With offices in Ryde and Bromsgrove TLM operate throughout the UK.

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