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Client Profile – Afumex Cables

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Afumex are based in Eastleigh in Hampshire and produce a range of low smoke cables for the construction industry.

Low smoke cables have a sheath which, in the event of a fire, will only emit very low levels of smoke and non-toxic levels of poisonous gases.

This is very different from standard PVC cables which produce hydrogen chloride gas. If this gas comes into contact with skin or eyes it can cause extreme irritation, and if inhaled, severe choking. Also, in a fire PVC cables give off a dense black smoke that can obscure emergency exit signs and escape routes out of buildings.

The majority of fatalities in a building fire occur through gas and smoke inhalation rather than directly from the fire itself. This is why low smoke zero halogen cable is such an important part of fire safety.

Afumex Cables are all ‘LSOH’ or ‘Low Smoke Zero Halogen’ rated and have been used in some of the best known buildings in the country, such as Old Trafford Crick Ground, as well as schools and public buildings.

For more information see www.afumexcables.co.uk

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