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Video Essential for Top Rankings?

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It’s official. Google’s admits tinkering with it’s search algorithm and as usual there are a some winners and losers.

This time, it appears that video content could be a factor in why sites gained or lost rankings. Sites with video content seem to have improved their positions while those without have suffered.

In Frank Watson’s blog posting on October 3, he examines the details, which also suggests that Google+1 is also a factor, even though it’s not making much of an impression on Facebook or other Social media sites.

To this add what appears to be favouritism towards bigger corporations, especially if they are associated with Google, and it’s not hard to see the direction Google is heading.

For the small businesses my advice is to ensure you have a presence on YouTube with good links to your website, and keep a close eye on Google+1 as it may soon be essential to join if you want a good ranking . . .

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