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Quick Response (QR) bar codes

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Quick Response (QR) bar codes
This image is a QR Code. These are starting to appear on websites and print adverts and are set to become the hottest trend in web marketing.

These bar codes enable your customer to link their mobile smartphone with your website very quickly. (To track the usage of the bar code, simply add a referral code on the url that it embeds.) This approach may require integrating print advertising with the web but it is not expensive to implement and will give you greater opportunities to trade.

Tip: Place a banner with your QR bar code on your website homepage. If a customer sees it and wants to bookmark your site, this will make it easier for them.

The QR bar code can help to integrate your website with mobiles, for example your customers could click to download any kind of media such as a map or telephone number. Alternatively it can be printed on a business card, or exhibition display giving contacts easy access to your details from their mobile.

To find a site where you generate your own QR barcode for free, put “generate QR bar code” into your favourite search engine. Smartphone users can download a QR bar code reader from their apps store.

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