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Does your Website Work on Mobile Phones?

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Last month, Google held a “From Why to How” mobile webinar and announced that mobile optimisation will be factored into Adwords’ quality score for mobile ad campaigns.

So the policy makers at Google clearly think that website optimisation for mobile devices is important – and probably not just for Adwords. With mobile phones being so widely used to access the web, it’s reaching a point where a website that performs poorly on a mobile phone may harm your business rather than enhance it.

So, how mobile compatible is your website? If you have a smart phone you can check it at any time and make your own evaluation. But for a more formal assessment you can make use of a interesting new site at HowToGoMo.com.

A feature on the GoMo site called the GoMoMeter analyses your website and provides recommendations for mobile optimisation as a downloadable report, as well as resources such as best practices for mobile sites. There is even a section for finding a mobile web developer but these are all in the USA . . .

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