The Teambuilding Company

The Teambuilding Company provides corporate team building activities, exercises, icebreakers and events including conferences, motivational days, themed evenings and corporate hospitality.

The Teambuilding Company

Outdoor Team Building Activities

A great way to get outdoors, unwind and enjoy bonding with colleagues. They provide a variety of team activities so there is usually something for everyone to enjoy.

  • Country Sports
  • Crystal Challenge
  • Spy School
  • It’s a Knockout
  • James Bond 007 Treasure Hunt
  • London Treasure Hunt
  • RIB Treasure Hunt
  • Corporate Sailing
  • The Olympic Games
  • Rocket Launch

Indoor Team Building Activities

Team building activities work as well indoors as they do outside. There is a range of creative cooking events as well as technical building tasks that provide problem-solving challenges:

  • Chocolate Making
  • F1 Challenge
  • Team Wok Cooking
  • Cocktail Making
  • Indoor Crystal Challenge
  • British Bake Off
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Brain teasers and puzzles

Evening Activities and Entertainment

An evening team building activity can be a great addition to a day of indoor or outdoor team building, or simply a way to unwind after a business conference.

  • Spy Name Generator
  • Millionaire by Midnight
  • Stocks and Shares
  • Murder Mystery Evenings
  • Trial By Jury

Team Building Ice Breakers

Icebreakers are short, energetic activities designed to ‘break the ice’ at meetings or conferences. Interactive, collaborative activities that can break down barriers and get your group energised and ready for the day ahead.

  • Drumming Icebreakers
  • Haka Workshop Icebreaker
  • Treasure Hunt Icebreakers
  • Delhi Dancing

Team Building London

As a leading corporate event provider the Teambuilding Company have worked with hundreds of venues across London – including running a Chocolate Making event at the London Eye and water based treasure hunts on the River Thames!

About The Teambuilding Company

The Teambuilding Company is a trading name of Teambuilding Events Limited. They are based in the coastal town of Lymington in Hampshire, but provide a countrywide team building service.